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Friday, May 6, 2011

7 Tips to Write New Blog Article to Expand Your Blog Topic

When deciding to pick out what the topic that you are really passionate for your blog, getting ideas for your new blog articles can be the hardest thing in the next process. When your blog has grown bigger and bigger over the time, there will be a new obstacle that can hold the growth of your blog in the future. All of the topics that have been revealed on your blog will finally push your brain even harder to come up with a new idea without stepping out far away from your chosen niche.

Below i will show you my 7 personal tips that i always use when finding new idea for my blog can be so depressing and frustrating. 

1. Test drive another topic
Usually, the best way to overcome this situation is by testing drive another topic in your niche that has the nearest relevancy with your blog. For example, if you blog about “fitness” or “health”, you can post new blog article that has something to do with health, say, “healthy food”, “vegetables”, “healthy drinks”, “junk food”, or anything as long as it has the nearest relevancy with the topic about “health”.

2. Expand the topic of your existing posts
Another great trick to get idea for your next blog article is by expanding the existing topic in your niche to even wider area. For example, if you currently blog about “travel” and you already wrote an article about “traveling to Italy”, try to expand that topic by writing a new post, say “traveling to Milan”, “eating Pizza in Italy”, “eating Spaghetti in Bologna”, or anything else. Eventually, if you can expand the entire topic on your blog by using this trick, 100 articles in your blog multiplied by 5 expanded topics, you are getting 500 new blog articles.

3. Solve the problem of visitors
Usually, a person or reader that lefts a comment on your blog article will also need an answer from you, blogger. If that person lefts a complicated question and requires more than just a simple reply from the blogger, this actually can be a great source of inspiration to write a new blog article. Instead of writing your answer in the same comment box, why don’t you just make a new blog article to answer that question.

4. Mention your oldest posts
We usually write many blog articles in our blog that actually talk about the same topic. For example, on your blog, you’ve written many articles about “what is car?”, “how to drive a car?”, and “how to fix a wrecked car?”. The best way to let readers know regarding your oldest posts that have similar topic, is by embracing those older posts in one article and name it as “All about car”. So, every time your blog readers visit the post “All about car”, they will instantly know that you’ve already uncovered the whole topic about car on your blog.

5. Write an article about other bloggers in your niche
When you pick a niche for your blog, it is obvious and guaranteed that you are gonna enter yourself to the high competitive environment, where there are many popular bloggers that have already established themselves in your chosen niche, including the other new bloggers. And obviously, they are gonna beat you down. So, instead of competing with those popular bloggers, why don’t you just make a blog article and tell a good story about them? After all, blogging is not about competition (except for the keywords), blogging is about building community to help other people, right?

6. Write an affiliate post review based on your experience
The best way to add the catalog of your blog article is by creating an affiliate post review of some products that you have already had experience using them in the past, and write them down on your blog. Clickbank and Amazon are 2 of many giant online businesses who are willing to give commission for you, blogger, if you can write a recommendation article on your blog and make sales through that article.

7. Write a sponsored post review 
Another best way to get idea for your new blog articles is by writing a sponsored post review on your blog. Okay, if you haven’t heard about sponsored review, let me show you how it works. Advertisers are looking for bloggers to promote their websites around the internet, at the same time, Blogger are looking for advertisers to generate income from their blogs. So with the help of broker (e.g. SponsoredReviews.com, BuyBlogReviews.com, etc), those advertisers and bloggers can be met and negotiate together regarding the price and post requirements. So, it’s a win-win solution, you earn dollar by writing about their websites/blogs, the advertisers earn buzz around the internet, which eventually help them lift up their ranking in search engines and traffic.

Well, those are my 7 personal tips to overcome the problem of complicacy when writing new blog article. What about you? Do you another personal tip that i haven't mentioned in this post? Let me hear your opinion then.


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