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Friday, May 6, 2011

Why You Should Never Use "Select All" When Editing Your Blog Article?

When writing article for your blog, without a doubt, there are many HTML functions in blogger post editor that can be utilized in order to beautify the interface of your blog article. If you have already posted a large amount of articles in your blog, there is a chance that, in the future, you might want to re-edit some of your older and oldest posts to fix many typos and grammatical error in you blog articles.

Actually, that is what exactly just happened to me since 2 months ago. As you might now, I haven’t been touching my blog for around 2 months ago, for the reason that I mentioned above. Yeah, in more than 2 months, I’ve been so busy to rewrite all of my oldest posts in my blog articles, yeah, all of them, to remove some unnecessary elements, such as the excessive use of HTML functions from those blog posts.

By using the remove formatting function on the Blogger post editor, I have managed to clean the whole HTML codes that have been wrapping up the entire paragraph of my blog article for more than 2 years, which have caused many disruptions to the article when I was trying to edit the interface of post column (main-wrapper).

Avoid of using too many HTML functions in your blog article

From that personal experience above, it shows you that, if right now, you just started writing the first article on your blog, I strongly suggest you for not using too many unnecessary HTML functions (e.g. font type, font size, etc) on your blog post.

I mean, if you want to make a bold on specific text, just block that specific text, not the entire post. And if you want to change the font type or font size of your article, then please do it from your blog template (via Edit HTML page), not from the blogger post editor. It goes the same if you want to make your whole article in align justify, please do it from your blog template, not from your post editor.

Avoid of using "Select All" function in your blog article

And also, you must avoid of using “Select All” function (Ctrl + A) when adding some HTML functions to the whole text, because it might disrupt the changes from blog template, and thus, you cannot control the interface of text element in post column via blog template anymore.


So to summarize, if you just started your first article on your blog, I strongly suggest you to make your post easier to edit, easier to read, easier to scan.

Just make it simple


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