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Monday, May 30, 2011

How to connect two computers – Quick and Easy ?

Here are the steps to connect two computers in Windows XP. This will let you share files and folders, printers, play network games etc.

Things You Will Need

1. A Crossover cabe – This is a Cat5 Ethernet Cable that the wires have been switched around to allow two computers to talk to each other.
2. Ethernet adapter or in simple terms the port on the back of your pc where you are going to insert this cable.


1. Connect the two computers with the crossover cable.
2. Set the IP address on both computers. Goto Start > Control Panel > Network Connections ( Choose switch to classic view if you cannot see network connections ).
3. Look for your Local Area Connection ethernet adapter, right click and choose properties.
4. Select Internet Protocol TCP/IP and choose properties.
5. Set the IP as and the subnet mask of on the first computer and on the second with same subnet mask.
6. click OK and OK/Close again.


To share your files, right click on any folder or drive and choose sharing to make them shared.
This can also be done with printers to be able to print from one computer while the printer is connected to the other.

For Windows 7 : The steps are similar, you can find your Local Area Connection in Network and sharing centre.

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