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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Adjust Audio Shift in Videos Using VLC and MPC

Many of us are busy in downloading movies and videos from web in different formats such as avi, mp4, flv, mkv etc.. But these converted formats has a problem. The audio video sync may not be correct in all videos. In many videos, sound track may be lead over video track.But this problem is identified by media player coders, and they attached an option to fix the desynchronization of video. All you have to do is play your media file in VLC media player or Media Player Classic (MPC) and identify shift direction. Then you will be able to adjust the audio shift.

How to Fix Audio Sync Using VLC Media Player

Here's the steps to fix :
  1. Play your file in VLC and identify the shift of sound track.
  2. Click Tools > Preferences, Select 'Show Settings' from Simple to All.
  3. Click Audio on the left, locate audio desychronization compensation field. 
  4. Enter the shift value in milliseconds. If you feel one second shift, the input 1000 or -1000 according to shift direction.
  5. Click OK and Play the File. 
  6. You can use Keyboard shortcuts J and K to adjust audio sync.
 How to Fix Audio Sync Using Media Player Classic (MPC)

You can do the same with media player classic.
  1. Open movie file in MPC. 
  2. Click View > Options, select Audio Switcher from left.
  3. Check Audio time shift (ms) and enter shift value in milliseconds like in VLC.
  4. Play the file