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Saturday, June 25, 2011

How To Locate Firefox Cache Folder

Firefox uses cache as its online playground on the hard disk where it stores the browsing information of a session. A session includes from startup till when you quit Firefox. the caching of web page elements speed up the process of page loading next time when you load the same page. The browser is configured to remove cache on exit by default. (Tools > Options > Privacy tab).

However firefox remove the cache content each time it quits, an expert is still able to recover all files that you've have been deleted. So if you want a bit extra privacy, you need to find the firefox cache location so you can shred the files by yourself. The cached files are stored in a folder which is hided may locate in side Documents and settings folder. But this location changes for each windows version. So if you need to find the exact location, follow the below steps:

Locate Firefox Temporary Folder
  • Open Firefox, Type about:cache in the address bar, hit enter
  • Information about the Cache Service will open, you can find several things such as memory cache device, disk cache device,offline cache device etc
  •  Copy the cache directory under disk cache area.
  • Open Windows explorer(My Computer), Paste the copied item on the address field like shown in figure.
  • Press enter, and you have the Firefox cache folder in front of you.