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Saturday, June 11, 2011

How To Save High Definition YouTube Video On Computer To Watch Offline

It all started with few documents containing information and data that was used to be shared among users on the internet. Slowly multimedia emerged with different mediums such as images, photos and videos which became one of the most important use on the internet. Out of several video sites available on the internet, Youtube has emerged as the most popular video sharing site for the user and its popularity is because of the number of videos that it holds. Users not only watch these videos but also they download it in their systems, so that they can be watched anytime, anywhere the user wants.

Usually nowadays there are number of options for downloading videos from this popular video hosting site. Beginning right from the browser extensions over user scripts to some of the available software programs, that allow you to download your favorite videos from the site. Similar to these tools, one more newly developed application is there which may serve your purpose.
YouTube Snagger is a standalone freeware application that can very well serve your purpose of downloading the videos from YouTube. It is basically a YouTube video downloader, which can download HD videos in no time. Although, videos can also be downloaded in other formats like FLV and MP4 for better quality and a better viewing experience. Its fast speed of downloading these videos from the site makes it far better than the other available software of its kind. It is also very simple in use as you just have to copy and paste a YouTube video’s URL to the window which appears after you run the application. Then with just one click on the option Check Video, you may check the video on the given URL which is followed by Add Video option in order to save it. Then it will ask you to choose a location in your system to save the video and will also ask to select a video format in which you want it to be saved.
Once you check the video as stated above, you may see that all YouTube videos that you have checked are listed with their name, download folder and quality of the video in the program window. It normally shows videos and treat them as they are in a queue, and downloading starts only when you hit the Download videos button which is present there at the screen itself.

Once the download is in progress, you are not allowed to use the main interface. So all those videos which you have already added will be downloaded from YouTube after hitting that download videos button.
The only thing which is not present in this tool is the YouTube search option. Also there is no option to play a video from the interface which makes it difficult for the user to find the video and then play it. Else, it is really a quick downloader for your favorite videos present on YouTube.
Download YouTube Snagger