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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Track Facebook User Activity, Updates, Replies & Apps Used With Social Monitor

Today in this era of information, where internet has become one of the most important medium of transferring data, sharing information and that too not only officially but also for the entertainment purpose. Social networking has become one of the most used services on the internet where users of almost every age group join in and share information in various forms. As we said, every age group then it means that it also include children and teenagers. With these advancements, children are exposed to various internet threats which you don’t want at all.

With these social networking websites, especially Facebook which has become one of the most popular websites among children and youngsters, you always think of tracking your child’s activities on it. For this we recommend you a newly developed application named as Social Monitor which is basically a monitoring application. It is used to keep a complete track of your child’s actions and activities on the website.
It works for you by downloading important content from the website regarding your child’s profile which can surely help you in identifying if some threat is there. After installing the application, you just have to click Add Child in order to initiate the application for monitoring your child’s Facebook account. Once you click on it you will be asked to choose the kind of monitoring that you want the application to perform.
As you may see in the above snapshot, there are two modes out of which the Normal Mode is used to display the information about anyone who is there in your Facebook list. So for tracking purpose you have to add your child in your friend’s list. On the other hand, the Full Mode is used to get the complete information of a particular account, which includes each and every activity performed by the user of that account. But in order to use full mode you need to enter your child’s Facebook password.

After selecting your child’s account from your friend list (Normal Mode), you will automatically start receiving the complete information regarding your child’s profile. From that information, you may easily figure out those content which may prove to be a threat. In that information, you may see that all the  harmful words or similar content will be highlighted in red colour.  Similarly, you may also track the status messages which may have been set by him/her or any of his/her friend as it will also be highlighted in red colour if it contains any harmful words. In the same way, all the shared video or audio song will be highlighted in red colour if they contain any adult content. On the other hand with the full mode you get much more functionality as there even the Inbox, Sent Messages and other personal information can be tracked. Whatever iss highlighted to you, you can further investigate it by simply clicking on the link provided.
Along with these features, there are lot more features and functionality of this tool which you may use for free. Simply download the application from the below given link and install it to further track the activities of your child on  Facebook.
Download Social Monitor