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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Launch Windows Administrative Apps & Programs Quickly Through LaunchPAD

VIA : troublefixers.com

Users find it very difficult to make any changes in the system which requires some administrative tools. The reason behind this is the complexity that they feel in accessing them. All the links to these administrative tools are provided in control panel, but navigating through these different links is not that easy. So for those users who find this task as very difficult for them we recommend a small application which can provide a solution to their problem.

LaunchPad is a simple, easy to use, yet powerful tool which is available as a freeware and it provides you features through which you can access computer management tools very easily. It creates a shortcut on your desktop and allows you to access various administrative tools which include tools like Computer Management, Services, Event Viewer, Telnet, Ping, Remote Desktop, Perfmon, Trace Route, and Administrative Tools in a single click.
This tool has been developed for all Windows versions including Windows 7. All you need is that the latest version of the .NET Framework must be installed in your system. Kratos Networks have developed and few days back only they have released this application. As said earlier it comes up with the features which provides you the access to commonly used network management programs and that too from a single location. It thus allows quick and easy access to many troubleshooting programs.
Although it comes pre-configured with some commonly used links for the network administrator tools mentioned above and it also includes Kratos’ easy to use network management software called dopplerVUE. The user can also set its management capabilities such that they are loaded as soon as a computer boots-up, so that users can always access their management tools just with a single click as they are present on their desktops. After installing the software, you can easily access a remote PC or a local one and this can be selected when you click on any of the task which you want to perform.

You can also change any of the listed task and similarly new tasks can also be added to the list. You can change those options of tasks from the settings menu. It can be done in seconds, allowing you a variety of applications to be accessed with a single click. There you have to mention the title of the task and the action that you want to be performed when you click the item.
Download Kratos Launchpad