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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Original Windows 7 activation problem: How to do offline Windows 7 activation after a format

VIA : Tricksnhacking.com

If you very often do a fresh installation with Windows seven then you should be aware that Microsoft has implied a limitation to the number of times; a copy of Windows 7 can be installed and activated via online.

So do you think such trick can stop the piracy… it only troubles out those using the original versions… and once the activation limit is over… then anyone has to rely on countless number fo phone calls to the customer service executive… which for me is a very tedious job.

So how to bypass the online activation of Windows 7 original version after a fresh installation

Yes! Definitely you can bypass it if you are using the original version by backing up the entire Windows Seven activation keys, Token serial numbers and all certificates using 7TOKENS MANAGER from Josh Cell.
But to make sure you are using this software prior to a fresh installation i.e. the from the installed copy Windows Seven…. and backup the required keys….the steps are given below…

How to backup Windows 7 Keys for offline activation

Download 7Tokens Manager from the link given here.
To make a complete backup of the windows 7 activation, Run 7tokens manager and check backup tokens, backup serial and backup Certificate.
Select Backup and the software will backup any type of activation from retail, OEM or MAK channels.

Now after a format apply the saved settings even if you are offline and everything done; isn’t this an amazing application to be worth tried.

Here are the excellent features of 7Tokens Manager

  • Backup license files of Windows 7 activation
  • Backup Retail/ OEM/ MAK license
  • Light weight and fast
  • Backup Certificate / Serial / Tokens.dat
So enjoy….