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Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Rollercoaster Accident in California" - A new facebook scam

We have another version of survey scam active on Facebook titled - "Rollercoaster Accident in California". It also has other versions like : "Rollercoaster Accident United Kingdom". It tricks Facebook users to be a video and takes them to survey scams. Some version even download malware to your computer. Here's how the scams look:

Other versions like these are also popular :

The scams read:
OMG! – Theme Park accident in Universal Studios Hollywood

Rollercoaster Accident in California
Check this @: http://facebook.com/RollercoasterCrash

This has just been leaked! – via PLAY VIDEO NOW!

Some other versions read:
"HORRIFIC! - Summertime Theme Park Australia ACCIDENT! - 89% Cant Watch It Rollercoaster Accident in Australia"

" OMG! Theme Park accident in Alton Towers United Kingdom

Rollercoaster Accident in United Kingdom
Check this @: [LINK]
This has just been leaked! "

and so on.

Don't click the links provided and mark them as spam on Facebook. Notify your friend about this scam by liking this post.