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Saturday, June 11, 2011

"This woman has a orgasm on a roller coaster! LOL" - A new Facebook scam

Another scam has recently been popular on Facebook. With the title - "this woman has a orgasm on a roller coaster! LOL" is another video scam which tricks to be a Youtube video. The spammers too has applied some more tricks so that they get posted on your profile with comments. Here is the screenshot of the scam :

Here's what the scam reads:
this woman has a orgasm on a roller coaster! LOL
I love how the dude stop laughing and goes completely silent once herealizes his girlfreidn wasn't jodking about having orgasm.

The scams works this way:
When you click on the link, you are taken to a Fake Youtube page. There it asks to enter the captcha. The captcha is actually used as the comment for posting on your Facebook wall.

What harm the scam does:
Its actually displays a fake Youtube page (phishing scam). It finally takes you to a survey. It also automatically posts on your Facbook wall.

So, avoid this and mark it as a spam to be safe on Facebook.