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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Scientists develop a $135,000 super strong robotic ‘Terminator’ hand

Developed by the scientists of the Institute of Robotoics and Mechatronics at the German Aerospace Center, this super strong robotic hand resembles much of that of the T-800 robot from the Terminator. Indeed, in some of the tests performed by its designers, it did prove to be just as strong and durable.

The DLR hand has the shape and size of a human hand, with five articulated fingers powered by a web of 38 tendons, each connected to an individual motor on the forearm.
The main capability that makes the DLR hand different from other robot hands is that it can control its stiffness. The motors can tension the tendons, allowing the hand to absorb violent shocks. In one test, the researchers hit the hand with a baseball bat–a 66 G impact. The hand survived.
Check it out in the video below…